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What is Metal Manicure

Metal Manicure is the ultimate in nail art, offering a fashion forward way for women to extend metallic fashion to their fingertips. Metal Manicure is both decadent beauty therapy and precious jewellery that takes nail couture to glamourous new lengths.

The Metal Manicure is a set of solid Sterling silver and Italian brass reusable fingernails. The nails are applied with adhesive tabs and can be worn and removed repeatedly, providing a convenient alternative to long lasting manicures. Their durable, mirror-like surface is designed to withstand everyday wear while make your hands glisten with style. 

Each set and individual Metal Manicure are sold with adhesive tabs. The Metal Manicure are easily removed by soaking fingertips in warm soapy water. A polishing cloth is provided with each Metal Manicure to be used prior and after application to maintain the high polished finish. Metal Manicure is packaged in a sleek black flocked jewellery box.